How to use Lenor

“Want to get the ultimate fresh and fragrant experience? Let me give you a few handy tips on how to use Lenor.”

How to use Lenor for machine washing?

"Pour 2/3 cap (35ml) or 1 full cap (55ml for extra softness and freshness) into the fabric softener dispensing compartment of your washing machine before starting the wash."

How to use Lenor for hand washing?

Add 1/3 cap (18ml for 10l) to the last rinse of your hand wash.

What is fabric softener?

"Fabric softeners are in essence liposomes dispersed in water. During the final rinse of the wash, these liposomes attach themselves to the fibres."

How do fabric softeners work?

As soon as fabrics start drying, the liposomes break up due to evaporation and coat the fibres with a special layer that acts as a lubricant to reduce mechanical friction.

What are the benefits of using fabric softener?

  • Fabrics feel soft and gentle next to skin.
  • Mechanical friction or static is significantly reduced.
  • Fabrics are gentler on sensitive skin.
  • Clothes are less scratchy when worn.
  • Fabrics become less harsh over time.
  • Fibres move more freely.
  • Fabrics are easier to de-wrinkle and iron.